VT Water repellent for architectural concrete

    Water repellent for architectural concrete

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    Water repellent impregnation for architectural concrete

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    Slab series
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    VHCT water repellent impregnation for architectural concrete (semi-gloss)

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: water repellent impregnation, a colorless preparation for impregnation of mineral surfaces, based on silicone resins and water glass.

    FIELD OF APPLICATION: colorless protection against rain with hydrophobization, concrete, elements of concrete structures, plasters, cellular concrete, cladding bricks, concrete facade panels, natural stone. Examples of use: protection of architectural concrete slabs against intense soiling, preventive protection of architectural concrete against carbonation, colorless hydrophobic protection of historic and historical buildings or buildings with specific architecture, hydrophobic protection of concrete walls and walls made of brick, synthetic stone and absorbent ceramic tiles.

    TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: after applying to the absorbent surface, the impregnat penetrates deeply into the substrate and reacts with moisture, which causes the hydrophobization of pores and capillaries. Thanks to these properties, without changing the appearance of the surface (it only creates a semi-gloss layer), the hydrophobic impregnation effectively protects against the effects of aggressive atmospheric factors, which together with water could penetrate deep into the material. The impregnation is highly resistant to UV radiation.

    CONSUMPTION: depends on the absorbency of the substrate and is: Concrete: 0.15 - 0.30 kg / m2 ( 1L / 3-6 m2) per 1 layer, Cement plaster: 0.25 - 0.60 kg / m2 per layer, Natural stone: 0.10 - 0.30 kg / m2 per layer.

    PACKING: 1L container.


    Data sheet

    Slab series
    (2D) VT series
    (3D) VT Series
    NC series
    Usage per m2
    [Effect: semi-gloss] Water repellent for architectural concrete
    For product:
    Concrete slabs

    Differences between slab series

    VT Series / DS Series

    płyta beton architektoniczny corten seria ds

    VT Series

    Architectonic concrete - smooth or medium porosity.

    płyta beton architektoniczny seria vt

    •  ORDER FULFILLMENT: 7-10 business days
    •  5 YEARS WARRANTY(with the use of dedicated assembly chemistry)

    11 shades of 2D slabs in wide range of 19 sizes (wall and floor). It's characterized by high frost and flame resistance. Perfect for interiors, as well as facades, floors and terraces.

    Available sizes:

    • 30x60x1 cm
    • 60x60x1 cm, 60x60x2 cm
    • 80x40x1 cm, 80x40x1,5 cm
    • 90x45x1 cm 
    • 90x55x1 cm
    • 100x40x1 cm, 100x40x2 cm 
    • 100x50x1 cm, 100x50x2 cm  
    • 100x100x2 cm
    • 120x60x1 cm, 120x60x2 cm, 120x60x3 cm
    • 120x80x2 cm, 120x80x3 cm
    • 150x60x2 cm, 150x60x3 cm

    Link to the entire series of VT 2D products in store: (VT Series (2D))
    Additionally, 40 patterns of 3D Boards in 10 shades - fulfillment time: 7-10 business days
    Link to the entire series of VT 3D products in store: (VT Series (3D))

    DS Series

    Architectonic concrete with medium or high porosity.

    płyta beton architektoniczny seria ds

    •  ORDER FULFILLMENT: 14-21 business days
    •  8 basic colors in two porosities (white, light gray, dark gray, anthracite, brown, cappuccino, graphite, green)
    •  3 particle colors in two porosities (gold, silver, black)
    •  7 colors of corten (white, gray, anthracite, graphite, cappuccino, brown, green (patina))

    The DS series is handcrafted and the concrete features a very strong PRC-reinforced structure.

    Series attributes:

    • Frost-resistant
    • Flame-resistant
    • For interiors and facades
    • Easy installation

    Available sizes:

    • 30x60x1 cm
    • 60x60x1 cm
    • 100x50x1 cm
    • 120x60x1 cm

    Link to the entire series of DS products in store: (DS Series)


    Basic differences between slab series.

    VT Series

    DS Series

    Available concrete colors



    Available sizes



    Slab thickness

    1-3 cm

    1 cm

    Order fulfillment [business days]




    Smooth / Medium

    Medium / High

    Cutting to size



    Crafting method



    Type of reinforcement



    Custom dimensions








    Impregnation liquid [V]

    Water repellent for architectural concrete - technical sheet [PDF]

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