The owner of the Online Store located at is:
Weneve partnership with headquarters in Rzeszów, ul. Sikorskiego 45C / 94, 35-304 Rzeszów
(hereinafter referred to as "WENEVE")

NIP : 813-382-72-11, REGON: 384922265 
Phone: (+48) 17 777 01 45,
E-mail address:
MBank bank account: 39 1140 2004 0000 3102 7946 6118

Glossary of terms used in these regulations:
Entrepreneur - a legal entity conducting business activities on its own behalf, including WENEVE.
Buyer - each entity placing an Order in the Online Store (Consumer or a person without Consumer status).
Consumer - a natural person making legal transactions with the entrepreneur (including the conclusion of a sales contract) not directly related to his business or professional activity (hereinafter also referred to as the "Customer").
Complaint - the procedure to be followed in the event of a defect in the goods sold.
Warranty - the mode of claiming liability from the entrepreneur who sold the goods to the Consumer in the event of a physical or legal defect.
Appraiser - a person having specialist knowledge to determine the existence of a defect and the reasons for its occurrence, in the goods sold to the Consumer.
Goods - a movable item, available for sale in the Online Store.
Major defect - the basis enabling the Consumer to exercise specific rights under the warranty.
Information document - a document attached to the Good informing the Consumer about the use of the good and its maintenance.
Online store - the website belonging to WENEVE, where the Buyer placed the order.
Order - the Buyer's declaration of intent aimed at concluding a distance sales contract for the Goods via the Online Store, specifying at least the type and number of Goods.


1. The Regulations set out the rules for the conclusion and performance of the contract for the sale of Goods on the Online Store website.
2. To place Orders in the Online Store, it is necessary to have devices that allow access to the Internet, e-mail, as well as a web browser.
3. The main subject of the WENEVE service is the professional sale of concrete slabs, concrete flower pots and interior accesories, which Goods have been introduced to the Polish market in accordance with applicable law.
4. The content of the Online Store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and therefore placing an order by the Customer does not mean an immediate conclusion of the contract.
5. Orders placed on the website for products presented by WENEVE are only an invitation to submit purchase offers. The sales contract is concluded when the order is confirmed by WENEVE in the form of an email sent to the customer. Until receipt of this confirmation, the Customer is entitled to cancel the order.
6. WENEVE makes every effort to ensure that photos, descriptions and technical data of the placed Goods are as realistic as possible.
7. The method of using the Good is specified in the information document attached to each good, which also specifies the rules for its maintenance.
8. Information about the producers of the Goods, the security and compliance marks held by the Goods, are provided on the Online Store website, next to the Goods selected by the Buyer.
9. The consumer may communicate with WENEVE via telephone (a), e-mail (b) and correspondence directly to the address of the registered office of the company:
a) 17 777 01 45
c) street Sikorskiego 45C / 94
10. If the consumer chooses to contact WENEVE by phone, he bears the cost of an ordinary telephone call at the rates of the operator he chooses.
11. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of generally applicable law shall apply, including the Civil Code and the Consumer Rights Act.
12. These regulations do not exclude or limit any rights of the Buyer who is a Consumer, which he has under the mandatory provisions of law. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of these Regulations and the mandatory provisions of law, granting consumers rights, priority shall be given to these provisions.


1. All prices of Goods given in the Online Store are gross values, expressed in Polish zlotys (PLN) or in the European currency (EURO) and include all taxes and public levies, including value added tax (VAT).
2. In addition to the price of the Goods, the Consumer shall also cover the costs of its delivery to the address indicated in the order placed.
3. The cost of delivery is added to the amount of the order.
4. The cost of delivery is always current in the summary of the order based on the size and weight of products sold and the type of carrier and payment method.
5. WENEVE accepts the following payment methods:
a) payment by transfer to a WENEVE bank account (in this case, the Consumer bears the costs of the possible bank or postage fee for executing the transfer order),
b) payment by payment card,
c) via the Przelewy24 (PayPro S.A.)
d) PayPal
6. If the Consumer chooses the option of payment "by transfer to a WENEVE bank account", the price of the Goods, plus the cost of delivery, should pay, to the WENEVE bank account: mBank 39 1140 2004 0000 3102 7946 6118, stating in the title of the transfer: Payment for: [ORDER NUMBER]
7. The payment deadline for payment by credit card, electronic transfer or via the PayU settlement service - immediately after placing the order.
8. The invoice for the order (VAT invoice) is sent by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the customer in the order (in PDF format) and is available for download in the link containing the current order status attached to information e-mails - the customer, when placing the order, declares that he has read the regulations and agrees to receive a VAT invoice by e-mail.
9. By choosing the form of delivery in the basket: "Pricing your order", the order is automatically converted into a request for pricing. The order, even if prepaid, with the previously mentioned form of delivery, will not be processed until the offer is sent to the customer with the final price of the order and its acceptance and payment in full by the customer.
10. By placing the order, the customer declares that he has read the technical sheet of the product and the assembly instructions (information can be found in the ATTACHMENTS tab on the product card) and acknowledges that failure to comply with the instructions and failure to use dedicated assembly chemicals may result in improper installation of the panels, including cracking, bending and other material damage, for which Weneve sc is not responsible.


1. Orders WENEVE accepts electronically using the Online Store 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
2. Orders placed by the customer will be processed within the time specified on the product card, from the date of submission. If there could be delays - the customer will be informed by e-mail at least 24 hours before the original, expected delivery date specified in the e-mail regarding the expected shipping time of the order.
3. To place an Order through the Online Store, add the selected Product to the basket, and then follow the further information displayed on the Online Store website.
4. Orders The Online Store carries out from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00.
5. WENEVE is obliged to deliver ordered and purchased by the Consumer Goods without physical and legal defects.
6. The ordered goods are not stored. Placing an order is tantamount to ordering the production of an individualized order (purchase of a non-prefabricated product), which will be manufactured and delivered within the time specified on the product card.
7. When placing an order, the Buyer should provide a contact phone number and e-mail address that will be necessary to confirm the order in order to complete the transaction.
8. Providing incorrect data by the Buyer may prevent the execution of the order, and in particular the incorrect delivery address of the Customer by the Customer may cause a delay in its delivery.


1. The Good purchased by the Consumer is delivered by courier only in Poland to the address provided by the Customer when placing the order as the delivery address.
2. Delivery of the Goods to the Consumer is payable, subject to the conditions in the "Sale of goods" section.
3. If the Buyer finds damage to the shipment, WENEVE recommends that a damage report be prepared in the presence of the courier, which will contain the recipient's and courier's details, as well as a brief description of the appearance of the Goods and immediately inform WENEVE.
4. Submitting comments regarding the imperfections of the product (which were visible before installation) after its installation, means acceptance of the product's condition. In this case, the complaint will be rejected.


1. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract concluded with WENEVE without giving a reason and without incurring costs (except for the direct costs of returning the Goods to the headquarters of WENEVE), within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Goods, and thus taking possession of the Goods by the Consumer or taking possession of the Goods by a third party indicated by the Consumer other than the carrier, and in the event that the Consumer places one Order covering many Goods, which are delivered separately, in batches or parts, the thirty-day period should be counted from the moment the physical possession of the last Good, lot or parts.
2. The consumer exercising the right indicated in point 1 may withdraw from the contract by submitting an appropriate statement.
3. The customer can use the sample form prepared by WENEVE, which must be completed, but its use is not mandatory.
4. Consumer's statement on withdrawal from the contract should be sent to the headquarters of WENEVE, except that to meet the deadline for withdrawal from the contract, it is enough to send a statement on exercising this right within that period.
5. If the Consumer exercises his right to withdraw from the contract, the Consumer shall bear all the direct costs of returning (delivering) the Goods to the headquarters of WENEVE.
6. WENEVE reimburses all payments made by the Consumer, using the same method of payment as used by the Customer, unless the Consumer has expressly agreed to a different method of return that does not involve any costs.
7. WENEVE may withhold the reimbursement of payments received from the Customer until receipt of the item back or delivery by the Customer of proof of sending it back.
8. The Customer is obliged to return the WENEVE Goods or transfer it to a person authorized by WENEVE immediately, but not later than within 30 days from the day on which he withdrew from the contract.
9. To meet the deadline referred to in point 9, it is sufficient to return the Goods before its expiry.
10. The Customer should return the Goods to the address indicated by WENEVE after reporting the intention to withdraw from the contract.
11. A buyer who is not a consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract referred to in paragraph 1, while for such sale, the rules and terms of withdrawal from the contract are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code.
12. The consumer, in the event of the return of the Good in connection with the withdrawal referred to in paragraph 1, is responsible for reducing the value of the Good, resulting from using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Good.
13. The owner of the store informs that the right to withdraw from a distance contract is not entitled to the consumer in relation to contracts:
a) for the provision of services, if the entrepreneur has fully performed the service with the express consent of the consumer, who was informed before the start of the service that after the performance of the service by the entrepreneur will lose the right to withdraw from the contract;
b) in which the price or remuneration depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which the entrepreneur has no control and which may occur before the deadline to withdraw from the contract;
c) in which the subject of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the Consumer's specifications or serving to satisfy his individual needs;
d) in which the subject of the service is an item subject to rapid deterioration or having a short shelf life;
e) in which the subject of the service is an item delivered in a sealed package, which after opening the package cannot be returned due to health protection or hygiene reasons, if the packaging was opened after delivery;
f) in which the subject of the service are things that after delivery, due to their nature, are inseparably connected with other things;
g) in which the subject of the service are alcoholic beverages, the price of which was agreed at the conclusion of the sales contract, and whose delivery may take place only after 30 days and whose value depends on fluctuations in the market over which the entrepreneur has no control;
h) in which the Consumer explicitly demanded that the entrepreneur came to him for urgent repair or maintenance; if the entrepreneur provides additional services other than those requested by the Consumer, or provides items other than spare parts necessary to perform the repair or maintenance, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract in respect of additional services or items;
i) in which the subject of the service are sound or visual recordings or computer programs delivered in a sealed package, if the package was opened after delivery;
j) for delivering newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts;
k) concluded through a public auction.

14. Withdrawal from the contract is not possible in the case of products implemented / produced after the client has placed the order, i.e.
- concrete slabs,
- wooden and concrete tiles,
- concrete pots,
- concrete pots,
- accoustic foam panels (with individual graphic)
- Blooki panels with led lighting
- MDF lamellas, panels with lamellas on felt and MDF panel,
- other products that are manufactured after the customer's order for a given product.

The above issues are discussed more broadly in the scope of current legislation (applicable as at 01.01.2020) and analyzed by:
a) in the article: (active link for the day (01/01/2020).
b) in the article: / (active link as at (01.01.2020).


1. All Goods purchased in the Online Store are subject to a 2 (two) year warranty, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act and the Civil Code.
2. WENEVE recommends keeping proof of purchase - eg receipt, VAT invoice.
3. It is recommended that the advertised Goods be properly packed and marked, which will significantly accelerate the recognition of a complaint.
4. In the complaint, the Buyer should provide details of the complaint, in particular what Goods are advertised when the defect was noticed, as well as the circumstances justifying the complaint and the Buyer's request.
5. WENEVE, within 14 days from the date the complaint is lodged by the Consumer, will inform him of his position regarding the validity of the claim, based on the opinion issued by a professional appraiser.
6. The parcel with the complained Good should contain the Consumer's statement, containing a fairly detailed description of the defect of the Good and the Customer's current return address, with the contact telephone number or e-mail address to allow direct and immediate contact with the Consumer.
7. Complaints may be submitted by the Customer by sending a completed form prepared by WENEVE to the address of the registered office of WENEVE (Reja 12, 35-211 Rzeszów), but its use is not mandatory.
8. If, as a result of recognition by WENEVE of a complaint as justified, the Goods were repaired or replaced with a new one, or the complaint was rejected as unfounded, WENEVE shall immediately return such Goods by courier to the address provided by the Consumer, unless another form of delivery of the Goods is agreed with the Customer. .
9. If, by the decision of the Expert, WENEVE, at the request of the Customer, reduced the price of the advertised Good or is to return cash (price of the Good), the relevant claim will be made by WENEVE, using the same method of payment that the Customer used, unless the Consumer he expressly agreed to a different refund method that does not involve any costs for him.
10. In the event that the advertised Goods are not picked up by the Customer, WENEVE will summon the Customer in writing or possibly in another way personally agreed with him to collect the Goods within 14 days from the date of receiving such a call. After the ineffective expiry of this additional period, WENEVE will be entitled to charge fees for the non-contractual storage of the Goods. This fee pays 5% of the current rate for 1 m2 of warehouse space in the city where WENEVE is based, calculated for each month of storage.
11. A complaint submitted by a Buyer who is not a Consumer, without an attached document confirming the sale, will not be considered.
12. The features of architectural concrete resulting from its natural characteristics are not subject to complaint. The boards are made of natural architectural concrete, therefore the variable colors, discoloration, uneven distribution of color, pores or aggregate on the surface of the board make it unique and visually attractive. These features are not the basis for any complaint or replacement. Uneven bonding surface, protruding aggregate elements are natural and increase the adhesion of the material during the bonding process. Note that the so-called "Curvature", ie surface bending - it is natural for poured elements, such as concrete slabs - use the leveling system available from Weneve to even out the edges of the slabs.


1. The consumer may use extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and redress and rules of access to such procedures, i.e. the possibility of referring the case with the consent of both parties to the contract to the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court.
2. The consumer is therefore entitled to ask:
- to the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court, operating at the Trade Inspection, with a request to settle any dispute arising from the sales contract concluded with WENEVE,
- to the Provincial Inspector of Trade Inspection with a request to initiate mediation proceedings regarding the amicable settlement of any dispute between the Customer and WENEVE (see: )
3. The Customer may obtain free assistance in resolving any dispute between the Customer and WENEVE, also using the free assistance of the Poviat (Municipal) Consumer Ombudsman (see: ) or a social organization whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, including Federation of Consumers (see:,945,rzeszow.html ).
4. The consumer may use extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and redress. In order to take advantage of the amicable settlement of disputes regarding online purchases, the Consumer may submit his complaint, e.g. via the EU ODR online platform, available at:


In the current legal system, the rules for the processing of personal data are regulated in particular by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.
We would like to clarify that the processing of your data is carried out solely for the purpose of completing your shopping and in order to enable us to inform you about our offer and tailor it to your needs.

What personal data is collected and processed by WENEVE?

WENEVE collects and processes personal data obtained with the consent of website users run by Weneve sc (hereinafter: WENEVE), including online store customers, Newsletter service users and other functionalities of the website, including those stored in cookies.
Personal data is obtained from the persons they concern - users of the WENEVE websites and clients who have registered on the online store website.
The administrator of the above personal data will be WENEVE and all entities related to it and dependent on it, both in person and in capital, directly or through other entities, as well as our trusted partners.

The purposes of processing personal data.

WENEVE collects and processes personal data for purposes required by law and other purposes specified by WENEVE, including to:
- optimize the process of activities undertaken by customers, in particular by streamlining and facilitating the process of purchasing, delivery, complaints or returns of purchased goods,
- build an offer tailored to the clients' needs,
- inform clients about new products and price reductions in the WENEVE offer,
- make analyzes that allow us to improve our services.

Who can we pass the data on to?

Pursuant to applicable law, the personal data administrator (WENEVE) may transfer personal data to entities processing it on our behalf, e.g. subcontractors of our services, marketing agencies and entities authorized to obtain data under applicable law, e.g. courts or law enforcement authorities - of course only if they occur with a request based on an appropriate legal basis.

A personal data protection inspector has been appointed in WENEVE, which ensures compliance with the principles of data protection collected and processed by WENEVE.

Inspector's contact details:

What are your rights in relation to your data?

You have the right to request access to data, rectification, deletion or limitation of its processing. You can also withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, object and use other rights, including:

1) obtain comprehensive information as to whether such a file exists, and to determine the data controller, his address and full name;
2) obtain information about the purpose, scope and method of processing data contained in such a set;
3) obtain information from when data concerning it is processed in the set, and provide the content in a commonly understood form;
4) obtain information about the source from which data concerning it originate, unless the data controller is obliged to keep confidential information or professional secrecy in this respect;
5) obtain information on the method of sharing data, in particular information on the recipients or categories of recipients to whom such data are made available;
5a) obtain information on the reasons for taking the decision referred to in art. 26a section 2;
6) request to supplement, update, rectify personal data, temporarily or permanently suspend their processing or delete them, if they are incomplete, out of date, false or have been collected in violation of the Act or are no longer needed to achieve the purpose for which they were collected;
7) making a request to cease data processing;

What are the legal grounds for the processing of personal data by WENEVE?

Any processing of personal data must be based on an appropriate legal basis in accordance with applicable regulations. The legal basis for the processing of personal data for the purpose of selling goods and providing services is the necessity to perform the contracts (in the case of the provision of services, these contracts are regulations or similar documents available in the services you use).

In turn, the legal basis for tailoring the content of services to the interests of website users and services run by WENEVE, ensuring their security and measuring / analyzing and improving them, as well as WENEVE's own marketing is the so-called legitimate interest of the personal data administrator.Data processing for marketing purposes, including profiling, and for analytical purposes will take place on the basis of voluntary consent, which can be expressed by selecting the "I agree" button next to the content of the statement.

Expressing this consent is voluntary and you can withdraw it at any time, except that withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.


1. In order for the Customer to obtain the status of a "Loyal Customer" of the Online Store, he must register at
2. A condition for correct registration is also consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws 133 of 28.08.97).

Letter templates:

- complaint letter template

- model withdrawal from a distance contract

- goods exchange pattern

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