Wooden 3D wall panel - Cosmo tile (cherry)

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Tiles 3D pattern for walls made of wood. CNC cut, polished and impregnated.

Płytka Cosmo (BS śnieżno biały) - panel 3D betonowy
Panel 3D drewniany - płytka Cosmo (orzech)
Panel 3D drewniany - płytka Cosmo (jesion)
Panel 3D drewniany - płytka Cosmo (dąb)
Panel 3D drewniany - płytka Cosmo (jawor)
Panel 3D drewniany - płytka Cosmo (czereśnia)
Płytka Cosmo (B0 biały) - panel 3D betonowy
Płytka Cosmo (B1 siwo biały) - panel 3D betonowy
Płytka Cosmo (KS kość słoniowa) - panel 3D betonowy
Płytka Cosmo (S50 jasny szary - mysi) - panel 3D betonowy
Płytka Cosmo (S51 ciemny szary - mysi) - panel 3D betonowy
Płytka Cosmo (S95 jasny szary - gołąbkowy) - panel 3D betonowy
Płytka Cosmo (S96 ciemny szary) - panel 3D betonowy
Płytka Cosmo (B8 antracyt) - panel 3D betonowy
Płytka Cosmo (B15 czarny) - panel 3D betonowy
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Cosmo 2 3D panels are like a geometrically simplified mountain landscape seen from a bird`s eye view. A dynamic play of shadows and light rhythmicized by triangular fields with a minimalist, sculptural expression, evoking a shimmering form of a crystal.

Designed for modern spaces, in which the three-dimensional texture combined with properly directed lighting brings out a unique character from the interior.

Cosmo 3D is the unpretentious beauty of fractal repetitions enclosed in concrete origami. A guarantee of exceptional aesthetic experiences and a subtle mood.

Thanks to the modern, timeless design and ease of installation, they will be perfect in any space, both as a single element and a pattern made of many elements, covering the entire decorated surface.

It is also a great way to add an interesting complement to 2D panels, which will perfectly emphasize the unique character of the interior. 

The panels are made of the highest quality wood, CNC cut, polished and impregnated.

The tiles can be arranged in a configuration with 3D concrete tiles in various colors with the same dimensions, available in our store.

The price is for 1 pc of a board (in the selected color and type of wood). There are 21 elements per 1 m2.

Before installation, check the entire batch of tiles and plan the distribution of individual boards and the sequence of their assembly by selecting boards from different places on the pallet to maintain the natural appearance of the wall.

For demonstration purposes, the plates in the photos, realizations and visualizations are shown in different color versions.

The displayed colors on customer monitor screens may differ from the actual color due to the discrepancy of matrices and the calibration of the displays.


Data sheet

Wood type
500 g
Price for Square meter [EUR]
310 x 215 x 25 mm - width x height x thickness



3D files for architects (all extensions)

Download (27.87k)

Slab specifications - VT series

Technical sheet, specification, assembly instructions, storage [PDF]

Download (185.51k)

Two-component adhesive [V]

Two-component adhesive CONNECT TOP 1 - technical sheet [PDF]

Download (254.24k)

Cement adhesive for slabs [V]

SILVER C2TE cement adhesive - technical sheet [PDF]

Download (226.75k)

Concrete primer PerfektGrunt [V]

Deep penetrating primer - technical sheet [PDF]

Download (211.82k)

Impregnation liquid [V]

Water repellent for architectural concrete - technical sheet [PDF]

Download (276.69k)


Trochę kosztowała mnie ściana 2,5x2 m ale efekt jest oszałamiający. W sumie jak szukałem czegoś podobnego to pieniądze te same albo drożej, ale te panele są wykonane perfekcyjnie według mnie. Warto było czekać

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