Sampler for LD lamellas standard

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The sampler contains 14 color versions of lamellas.
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13 of the sampler elements in the package are laminated, and 1 is covered with oak veneer. 

The sampler includes colors such as:

Wotan Oak
Oak Nature
Sonoma Oak
European oak
Bleached oak
Black Oak
Classic walnut
Oak veneer
Matte white
Black mat
Sand beige
Dark navy blue
Bottle green

Main product features:

  • Aesthetics and careful workmanship
    The highest standards are maintained during production - not only in terms of quality, but also visually.
  • A wide range of colors
    LD lamellas are available in several colors, so you will surely find the perfect color for you.
  • Easy and cheap installation
    Installation of wall lamellas is a very easy and cheap undertaking, it is enough to apply glue from the tube every 20 cm and press the lamella against the wall.

  • Acoustic properties
    Thanks to the soundproofing properties, the slats are perfect for rooms such as bedrooms, home cinemas and studio rooms.
  • Optical properties
    The vertical form of the product makes the lamellas optically enlarge the space.
    For all products from the LD series in compliance with assembly instructions .

Data sheet

Standard lamella


I. Lamellas with slats in between (without drilling and painting)


  1. Prime the wall (it does not need to be painted)
  2. Apply assembly adhesive to the lamella (or TESA 4957 assembly tape)
  3. Glue the lamellas to the wall and check the vertical with a spirit level
  4. Apply mounting glue to the finishing strip between the lamellas
  5. Glue the finishing strip against the lamella
  6. Attach another strip and repeat the operation until the desired width is achieved

II. Lamellae glued directly to the wall (without drilling)


  1. Prime the wall and paint it in the appropriate color
  2. Apply mounting adhesive to the strip (or TESA 4957 mounting tape)
  3. Glue the strip to the wall and check the vertical with a spirit level
  4. When gluing another profile, insert the spacers - between the profiles at the top and bottom.
  5. Continue gluing the profiles, shifting the distances between the next profiles
  6. Remove the spacers and you are done!

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