BT Concrete flower pot (anthracite)

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    The planter is frost resistant and made from the highest quality GRC architectural concrete.

    BT - Donica betonowa (antracyt)
    BT - Donica betonowa (szary)
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    Arrangement elements made of architectural concrete enjoy unflagging popularity. Among the most popular are flower pots made of architectural concrete, which, with their original form, look beautiful both indoors and outdoors.


    • gray,
    • anthracite.


    • to see all available dimensions, click on the drop-down box SIZE.


    • for interiors: houses, apartments, offices, corridors, waiting rooms;
    • outside: gardens, parking lots, squares in front of buildings (in the case of this application, choose the option of a pot with drainage when purchasing).


    • REINFORCED - the pots are made of the highest quality concrete GRC. As a result, the pots are more durable and lighter than those made of traditional concrete. The reduced wall thickness and lower weight allow them to be used indoors, as well as on the terrace or balcony, in contrast to the pots made in the traditional concrete technology.
    • FROSTPROOF - it can be placed both in the garden and on the terrace, and at the entrance to the building, without fear of negative temperatures in winter. Just remember that the pot outside has a drainage hole - you will avoid cracking during the winter if the water remains in the pot.
    • WATERPROOF - as a standard and at no extra charge, we protect each pot against the water with a hydrophobic agent, which significantly extends their durability.

    The pots are suitable for direct planting of shrubs, it is enough to place a geotextile and a layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the pot.

    Each piece is unique in terms of texture and shade. Features such as discoloration, crayfish, caverns are typical for architectural concrete and come in a different number, size, intensity and distribution on the pot surface, which gives them a unique appearance.

    wymiary donic sklep weneve obrazek EN_1.png


    Data sheet

    36x36x60 cm
    ~ 1,4 kg (13.5 x 13,5 x h 9 cm)
    ~ 1,7 kg (12.5 x 12,5 x h 12,5 cm)
    ~ 1,8 kg (15 x 15 x h 12 cm)
    ~ 2,5 kg (15 x 15 x h 15 cm)
    ~ 2,6 kg (17 x 17 x h 13 cm)
    ~ 2,8 kg (17 x 17 x h 17 cm)
    ~ 3,5 kg (21 x 24 x h 13 cm)
    ~ 4,4 kg (20 x 20 x h 20 cm)
    ~ 5,2 kg (21 x 24 x h 20 cm)
    ~ 7,5 kg (21 x 24 x h 30 cm)
    ~ 8 kg (20 x 20 x h 30 cm)
    ~ 16 kg (30 x 30 x h 30 cm)
    ~ 17 kg (30 x 30 x h 50 cm)
    ~ 19 kg (40 x 30 x h 30 cm)
    ~ 20 kg (40 x 30 x h 45 cm)
    ~ 22 kg (25 x 25 x h 50 cm)
    ~ 23 kg (30 x 30 x h 50 cm)
    ~ 28,5 kg (30 x 30 x h 50 cm)
    ~ 30 kg (40 x 40 x h 40 cm)
    ~ 35 kg (36 x 36 x h 60 cm)
    ~ 48 kg (85 x 35 x h 40 cm)
    ~ 53 kg (85 x 35 x h 53 cm)
    ~ 54 kg (50 x 50 x h 60 cm)
    Flower pots series
    BT series


    marzy łam o dużej, betonowej donicy w salonie jednak gdy zobaczyłam ten kształt od razu się zakochałam i tym sposobem mam donice w salonie w wiatrołapie oraz na tarasie. Polecam zakupy w Weneve

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