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High-class panels made of natural moss collected from forest areas of Western and Central Europe.

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Psychologists and doctors have been convincing for years that green in our environment is of great importance for our health and well-being. This rule applies not only to trees and gardens, but also to plants in buildings. Interior designers try to add green and preferably natural accents to different rooms. However, we see plants relatively rarely in bathrooms. But we can also enjoy the unique greenery of potted plants, and even make the bathroom wall of moss


  • Filters the air - eliminates toxins and dust and neutralizes unpleasant odors.
  • Safe for allergy sufferers - it is antistatic, so it does not attract dust, particles and insects.
  • Sound-absorbing - panels made of moss have a high sound insulation coefficient and thanks to these properties they are able to mute a room from a few to several decibels in the entire audible range. Moss panels are a very effective sound absorber that absorbs reverberation and echoes.
  • Absorbs vibrations - up to 2x more vibrations than other panels of the same size and thickness.
  • Natural - 100% real natural moss is soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • It is not edible - our four-legged pets are not interested in it.
  • Safe - for children and animals, does not contain toxic chemicals. 
  • Perfect for the bathroom - the moss does not need sun, but only moisture from the air. It is hygroscopic, so it will absorb excess moisture, thus preventing the formation of fungi and mold.
  • Undemanding - stabilized mosses / lichens and plants are 100% maintenance-free. They do not need sunlight, watering, pruning, spraying.  


  • Maintaining the humidity in the room at a minimum level of 40% - 50% (in the event of a decrease in humidity below the indicated level, an electric air humidifier should be used, until the appropriate humidity in the room is obtained).
  • Installation of panels while maintaining a distance of at least 1 m from active heat sources (heaters, stoves, fireplaces).
  • No direct contact with water and other liquids.
  • No contact with chemicals.
  • Installation of panels in a place with a reduced risk of mechanical damage to moss.
  • Avoiding installation of panels in an intensely sunny place.
  • Avoiding excessive touching of the moss.


  • MOUNTING ON SHOCK PINS - Recommended for heavier, large-size slabs. Recommended if you plan to move the decorations to another place in some time. It enables panels to be disassembled without damaging them.
  • MOUNTING ON PINS AND MOUNTING ADHESIVE - Recommended for heavier, large-size panels. The assembly glue provides additional reinforcement. Recommended when installing decorations "permanently".

Type of substrate: (BOARD) MDF, PVC.

Weight: approx. 8 kg / m2.

Only for indoor use.

The panel consists of: 50% pillow moss, 50% provencal moss.

Contact us to order any pattern, format and shape of the panel via email: [email protected].

The color pattern is available (here).


Data sheet

100x100 cm
Soundproofing properties
To living room
Filters the air
For office
Base of the panel
MDF, PVC board
Safe for children
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Installation instructions

Installation instructions for moss panels

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Instructions for the use.

Instructions for the use of moss.

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