DS (white corten) - architectural concrete slab ultralight


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PRC concrete slabs are available in 1 cm of thickness, which allows you to mount them in any way available on the market.



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Main product features

light Light
100x50 cm - approx. 8 kg
120x60 cm - approx. 12 kg

mrozoodporne  Frost resistant

ognioodporne  Fire resistant

Purpose: walls / facades / fences / fireplaces

Concrete slabs can be used both indoors and outdoors as a form of the facade. In combination with various patterns of 3D panels available in our store (see products), you can create unique and modern interiors and building facades. The slabs can also be successfully laid on fences and fireplaces due to their fire resistance. 


The model of CORTEN panels covered with natural rust of Corten steel has a decorative motif on the surface, which in different lighting brings out unprecedented visual qualities from the panels thanks to the three-dimensional texture.
This gives the wall a much more natural and pleasant effect than in the case of wallpapers or gres slabs with a printed pattern.

Each slab has a different and unique pattern of rust on the surface, which is its advantage. 

resilience  Resilience

Architectural concrete PRC (Polymer Fiber Reinforced Concrete), from which the slabs are made, is concrete reinforced with polymer fiberThanks to this structure, the produced slabs can be 1 cm thick, maintaining the strength and durability of two or three-times thicker concrete slabs produced using traditional methods. Compressive strength - strength class C20/22. Reaction to fire - class A1.



In the case of slabs with corten, they must be impregnated before laying. The only impregnation method for these slabs is spraying, due to the fact that a roller or brush will smear the rust that is on the surface of the slab and it will not be possible to restore its original appearance. For this purpose, we recommend using an impregnation from our offer ( impregnation - buy the product ).

impregnationFactory impregnation

In addition, we offer factory-impregnated slab options for even greater convenience and speed of installation. Just select this option from the drop-down list of available product combinations. 

Necessary mounting accessories





System poziomowania

Leveling system



Machining concrete slabs of the DS series

cut to size  Cutting to size

Our slabs can be easily cut to the desired size using diamond discs for concreteYou can use a regular angle grinder or a circular saw for this purpose. Cutting should be done dry without the use of water

drilling holes  Drilling holes

Using drills and hole saws for concrete, mounting holes for sockets or TV brackets can be made in the slabs. All holes must be drilled without hammering




mutters Easy and cheap assembly 

The thickness of the slabs, 1 cm, simplifies the installation procedure, all you need is polyurethane foam from the DS series available in our store (does not require anchors, additional reinforcements or other stabilizers in the case of internal walls). The slabs can be mounted to OSB, MDF or GK slabs if you do not want to sand the paint and putty on the substrate. The gypsum substrate is not suitable for direct bonding of architectural concrete. 

instruction Installation instructions

The complete, detailed installation and storage instructions after delivery are available for download here.

extended warranty Extended warranty

2-year warranty against damage after installing the slabs, using a dedicated mounting kit, listed in the "necessary mounting accessories" section.
Cracks, deformations, and falling off the wall - may occur if the recommended accessories are not used.
Read the assembly instructions before starting any assembly work.

How to choose the right amount of slabs and accessories for your wall? 

Use the calculator that we have designed for a comprehensive selection of all necessary materials.

calculator  Calculator

Step 1 -  enter the dimensions of the wall
The calculator will calculate, based on them, the number of panels and accessories needed for installation. Then, from the available slab sizes, select the slab size and the horizontal or vertical orientation.

Step 2 -  see the proposed arrangement of slabs on the wall.
The calculator takes into account cutting up to two elements with a factory-cast edge from one slab. You will be offered the number of slabs along with the necessary accessories for assembly. 

Step 3 -  add products to the cart
After going to the cart, you will receive additional information on delivery costs. 

Thanks to the one-step shopping cart, the ordering process is very simple and fastIn one window, you will provide shipping data, invoices, and choose the transport and payment method, and finish the whole process with fast payments by Przelewy24.pl or a traditional transfer.


Go to the calculator 

gif z kalkulacją

Additional information Supplementary information:

▫️ For the installation of concrete panels, it is recommended to use dedicated mounting accessories also available in our store.

▫️ Possible factory deviations of architectural concrete slabs should be reported before installation.

▫️ Due to the characteristics of architectural concrete, differences in the number and size of pits on the surface of individual slabs are possible. Color and dimensional discrepancies (+/- 3 mm) are also allowed.

▫️ Before installation, check the entire batch of slabs and plan the distribution of individual slabs and the order of their assembly by choosing slabs from different places on the palette to preserve the natural appearance of the wall.

▫️ In addition, in the case of corten, it is best to spray impregnate them with DS DAKAMA HYDRO available in our store before arranging the slabs in order to avoid rust smudging under the fingers on the surface of the slabs during assembly.

▫️ The boards may have local discolorations (lighter and darker) as well as light efflorescence and a border around the board. These are natural and desirable features for this product and do not indicate imperfections, but the uniqueness of the product.

▫️ For demonstration purposes, the slabs in the photos, from the implementation and visualizations are shown in different color versions. To make a color selection based on actual colors, we suggest purchasing a concrete slab samples. 

▫️ The colors displayed on customer monitor screens may differ from the actual color due to discrepancies in the matrices and calibration of the displays.

▫️ The slabs may have cast residues on the edges, which the assembly team should sand down before laying the slabs on the wall.


Data sheet

Slab series
(2D) DS series
100x50 cm
HAP (porous)
100x50 cm ~ 8 kg
Type of reinforcement
Water-resistance (after impregnation)
1 cm
For facades
Yes (after impregnation)
To kitchen
Yes (after impregnation)
To the fireplace
Yes (with the use of appropriate glue)
To bathroom
Yes (with the use of impregnation and flexible grout)
On the floor
Custom dimensions
Factory cutting to size
Trimming by the customer
Yes (dry trimming with diamond tools)
Drilling by customer
Yes (drill without hammer)
Cutting holes by the customer
Yes (with diamond hole saw)

1. Enter data

Enter wall dimensions and desired slab orientation and we will calculate required amount of slabs and assembly chemicals for You.

Enter wall dimensions

Enter slab parameters

VT Series

Architectonic concrete - smooth or medium porosity.

płyta beton architektoniczny seria vt

  •  ORDER FULFILLMENT: 7-10 business days
  •  5 YEARS WARRANTY(with the use of dedicated assembly chemistry)

12 shades of 2D slabs in wide range of 17 sizes (wall and floor). It's characterized by high frost and flame resistance. Perfect for interiors, as well as facades, floors and terraces.

Available sizes:

  • 30x60x1 cm
  • 60x60x1 cm, 60x60x2 cm
  • 80x40x1 cm, 80x40x1,5 cm
  • 90x45x1 cm 
  • 90x55x1 cm
  • 100x50x1 cm, 100x50x2 cm  
  • 100x100x2 cm
  • 120x60x1 cm, 120x60x2 cm, 120x60x3 cm
  • 120x80x2 cm, 120x80x3 cm
  • 150x60x2 cm, 150x60x3 cm

Link to the entire series of VT 2D products in store: (VT Series (2D))
Additionally, 40 patterns of 3D Boards in 10 shades - fulfillment time: 7-10 business days
Link to the entire series of VT 3D products in store: (VT Series (3D))

DS Series

Architectonic concrete with medium or high porosity.

płyta beton architektoniczny seria ds

  •  ORDER FULFILLMENT: 14-21 business days
  •  8 basic colors in two porosities (white, light gray, dark gray, anthracite, brown, cappuccino, graphite, green)
  •  3 particle colors in two porosities (gold, silver, black)
  •  7 colors of corten (white, gray, anthracite, graphite, cappuccino, brown, green (patina))

The DS series is handcrafted and the concrete features a very strong PRC-reinforced structure.

Series attributes:

  • Frost-resistant
  • Flame-resistant
  • For interiors and facades
  • Easy installation

Available sizes:

  • 30x60x1 cm
  • 60x60x1 cm
  • 100x50x1 cm
  • 120x60x1 cm

Link to the entire series of DS products in store: (DS Series)

LS Series

Architectonic concrete with medium porosity.

płyta beton architektoniczny seria ls

  •  ORDER FULFILLMENT: 3-9 business days for standard sizes of slabs and 14-30 business days for non standard sizes of slabs.
  •  4 basic colors in a medium porosity resembling a poured concrete ceiling (white, light gray, dark gray, anthracite).

The LS series is handcrafted and the concrete has a very strong GRC (Glass-fiber Reinforced Concrete) structure in the case of 1 cm thick slabs. In the case of 2 cm and thicker slabs, PRC (Polypropylen-fiber Reinforced Concrete) reinforcement is used.

Series attributes:

  • Frost-resistant
  • Flame-resistant
  • For interiors and facades
  • Easy installation

Available sizes:

  • 60x60x1 cm
  • 100x50x1 cm
  • 120x60x1 cm
  • 150x60x1 cm

  • 59,5x59,5x2 cm
  • 119,3x59,5x2 cm 
  • 149,2x59,5x2 cm

  • In addition, we cast panels of any size in the range 10x10 cm - 246x121 cm with a thickness of 1 to 8 cm.

Link to the entire series of LS products in store: (LS Series)


Basic differences between slab series.

VT Series

DS Series

LS Series

Available concrete colors




Available sizes



3 basic + molded to size 

Slab thickness

1-3 cm

1 cm

1-3 cm

Order fulfillment [business days]



3-9 + 14-30


Smooth / Medium

Medium / High


Cutting to size




Crafting method




Type of reinforcement




Custom dimensions









Slab specification - DS series

Technical sheet, specification, assembly instructions [PDF]

Download (213.25k)

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