Concrete and the Hygge philosophy

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Hygge is a style and philosophy of life from Denmark. It is hard to explain hygge in one word. According to the Danes, it is something you just have to feel.


This concept is becoming more and more popular, not only in Scandinavian countries, but all over the world. And although the name itself is not known to everyone, many people introduce what is hyggelig into their lives and don't even realise that. So, what hygge actually is? The most frequently appearing terms enabling his understanding are: friendly atmosphere, a sense of freedom, celebration of small pleasures and often those seemingly ordinary moments in our lives. It is also being good to another person and on the other hand the ability to notice good, directed towards us.





Hygge is not only a way of thinking or our behavior. The place where we live can also be hygge. The most relevant words in this case are: coziness and comfort.

So how does concrete, which is quite raw by nature, finds its place in the hygge philosophy?

In a very simple way. Due to the fact that it most often takes simple forms (so strongly associated with the Scandinavian style), and concrete panels and pots come in a wide range of neutral shades: gray, white and beige, it is an ideal base for all accessories, including those that give the interior a sense of warm.





Marie Tourell Søderberg included in her book "Hygge. Danish Art of Happiness" tips to inspire us and which are somehow a showcase of the hygge style.

She encourages us to introduce plants into our homes.




They makes us feel closer to nature - and according to hygge this is a very important point of this philosophy.

She also emphasizes us to arrange the house cornes. Corners give a sense of security and allow us to relax. That is why they are the perfect place to put favorite armchair, lamp and table, on which we can place tea and indulge in reading.




Books are another element that relates to the hygge style.




Family souvenirs and those brought from traveling the world are another way to bring back memories and special moments. According to the author, it bringes hygge to our interiors.



We can not forget about the lighting, which has an amazing power to affect our mood. Hygge concept is primarily a warm lighting flowing from many different points in each room.




There is one more element which for Danes is inseparably connected with hygge, which is candle. Their inflammation after returning home is a sign that it's time to rest.



Although the elements presented above are characteristic for the hygge style, hygge may mean something totally different for each one of us. We can ask ourselves what really makes us feel happy and allows us to be just ourselves. Hygge is not a set of strict rules, but the individual and unique style of each one of us. So what hygge means for you?





„Hygge. Duńska sztuka szczęścia” Marie Tourell Søderberg. Tłumaczenie: Olga Siara. 


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