DYNASIL FX - waterproofing impregnate against water and stains for concrete slabs

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    A modern protective impregnation against stains for absorbent surfaces made of architectural concrete and natural stone.

    VT - Impregnat hydrofobowy do betonu architektonicznego
    STEINBLAU - CONNECT TOP 1 Klej elastyczny cementowy dwuskładnikowy
    Klej polimerowy - CONCRETE CONNECT
    Grunt głęboko penetrujący - PERFECT GRUNT
    Klej cementowy - SILVER typu C2TE
    DYNASIL FX - Impregnat przeciw plamom i wodzie do płyt z betonu architektonicznego
    Nanosil W - Impregnat hydrofobowy do płyt z betonu architektonicznego
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    Hydro and oleophobic impregnation for architectural concrete.

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: DYNASIL® FX is a modern impregnation based on innovative technology of oleophobic fluoropolymers, silanes and surfactants, thanks to which it has excellent protective properties with a very wide spectrum of activity. The impregnant penetrates the surface and creates a thin protective layer in the capillaries and exposed pores of the material. After the impregnation treatment, the surface becomes easy to clean. DYNASIL® FX provides durable and transparent protection on polished and matt surfaces. Provides complete protection against fat, juice, coffee, wine and other food stains.

    APPLICATION: DYNASIL® FX is intended for impregnation of polished and matt architectural concrete, natural stone, polished stoneware tiles and ceramic materials. Recommended for protecting surfaces in places particularly exposed to staining, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors, window sills, stairs, walls, etc.


    • does not change the surface appearance, does not create a coating,
    • not visible after drying,
    • safe for impregnating food contact surfaces,
    • effective indoors and outdoors,
    • keeps the natural look of concrete,
    • vapor permeable.

    CONSUMPTION: 1L is enough for approx 12 m2 (2 layers).

    PACKAGING: 1L container.

    The durability of the impregnation largely depends on the applied care products and the use of the surface. It is not advisable to use highly degreasing agents containing solvents or alcohol, as well as acidic and strongly alkaline preparations that may weaken the effect of the impregnation. For frequently washed surfaces that come into contact with cleaning agents, e.g. in bathrooms, on kitchen worktops, we recommend renewing the impregnation every 3-4 years. In other areas, durability depends on the use and may vary from several to several years.

    DYNASIL® FX reduces the sensitivity of stones such as marble to acidic liquids. In many cases it is completely effective, but due to the variety of stones, protection should be treated as temporary. Prolonged contact with acidic liquids or products may leave stains and damage the surface, so they should be removed as soon as possible.

    Before starting work, perform a test on a small area, out of sight, to assess the appearance of the material after impregnation. If the effect is satisfactory, the entire surface can be impregnated.

    1. Do not leave excess preparation to dry on the treated surface, as its removal may be very difficult or impossible. 2. The appearance of the natural stone cladding is retained (it is possible to deepen the color with some types of stone, therefore it is recommended to perform a trial to evaluate the effect obtained). 3. Protect the impregnated surfaces against water and dirt for at least 12 hours.


    Data sheet

    Slab series
    (2D) BT series
    (2D) DS series
    (2D) VT series
    (3D) VT Series

    Differences between slab series

    VT Series / BT Series / DS Series

    płyta beton architektoniczny corten seria ds

    VT Series

    Architectonic concrete - smooth or medium porosity.

    płyta beton architektoniczny seria vt

    •  ORDER FULFILLMENT: 7-10 business days
    •  5 YEARS WARRANTY(with the use of dedicated assembly chemistry)

    10 shades of 2D slabs in wide range of 22 sizes (wall and floor). It's characterized by high frost and flame resistance. Perfect for interiors, as well as facades, floors and terraces.

    Available sizes:

    • 30x60x1 cm
    • 60x60x1 cm, 60x60x2 cm
    • 80x40x1 cm, 80x40x1,5 cm
    • 90x45x1 cm 
    • 90x55x1 cm
    • 100x40x1 cm, 100x40x2 cm 
    • 100x50x1 cm, 100x50x2 cm  
    • 100x100x2 cm
    • 120x60x1 cm, 120x60x2 cm, 120x60x3 cm
    • 120x80x2 cm, 120x80x3 cm
    • 150x60x2 cm, 150x60x3 cm
    • 240x60x2 cm 
    • 300x60x2 cm 

    Link to the entire series of VT 2D products in store: (VT Series (2D))
    Additionally, 40 patterns of 3D Boards in 10 shades - fulfillment time: 7-10 business days
    Link to the entire series of VT 3D products in store: (VT Series (3D))

    BT Series

    Architectonic concrete with medium porosity.

    płyta beton architektoniczny seria bt

    •  ORDER FULFILLMENT: 10-14 business days
    •  4 basic colors in one porosity (white, light gray, gray, anthracite)
    •  3 premium models in one porosity (brass, copper, corten vintage)

    The BT series is handcrafted from strong and durable concrete. Medium porosity of slabs provides the appearance of naturally poured concrete in the formwork. The premium versions are brass or copper coated plates and a vintage corten loft version which is mimicking an old sheet covered with rust.

    Series attributes:

    • Frost-resistant
    • Flame-resistant
    • Interiors and facades
    • Easy installation

    Available sizes:

    • 30x60x1 cm
    • 60x60x1 cm
    • 100x50x1 cm
    • 120x60x1 cm 

    Link to the entire series of BT products in store: (BT Series)

    DS Series

    Architectonic concrete with medium or high porosity.

    płyta beton architektoniczny seria ds

    •  ORDER FULFILLMENT: 21-35 business days
    •  7 basic colors in two porosities (white, light gray, dark gray, anthracite, brown, cappuccino, graphite)
    •  3 particle colors in two porosities (gold, silver, black)
    •  3 colors of corten (white, gray, anthracite)

    The DS series is handcrafted and the concrete features a very strong PRC-reinforced structure.

    Series attributes:

    • Frost-resistant
    • Flame-resistant
    • For interiors and facades
    • Easy installation

    Available sizes:

    • 30x60x1 cm
    • 60x60x1 cm
    • 100x50x1 cm
    • 120x60x1 cm

    Link to the entire series of DS products in store: (DS Series)


    Basic differences between slab series.

    VT Series

    BT Series

    DS Series

    Available colors




    Available sizes




    Slab thickness

    1-3 cm

    1 cm

    1 cm

    Order fulfillment [business days]





    Smooth / Medium


    Medium / High

    Cutting to size




    Crafting method




    Type of reinforcement


    Chemical (+ reinforcement mesh for 120x60 cm slabs)


    Custom dimensions










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